Community Development Training

IMG_3287Our Community Development Training course (CDT) is used by villages, local non-profit organizations, and outside experts looking to expand their skill set.  This course is offered as a 3-day Vision Seminar and a 5-day Training of Trainers.  CDT is a model for implementing transformational development, integrating physical and spiritual aspects of life, that address felt needs in a community.  The focus is on working with the community leaders to develop sustainable solutions to local problems using local resources.  Depending on the felt needs in a community, projects coming out of a CDT program can address health, business, agriculture, sanitation, water and other development needs.  CDT focuses on building a sense of ownership in the community so that the community itself chooses which problems to address and how to address them.  CDT training on the village level includes problem identification, solution development, establishing consensus, program design, volunteer recruitment and establishing a committee of volunteers for oversight.  CDT training for organizations and experts focuses on how to train leaders for implementing CDE at the village level.

As of 2014 we have trained over 50 field workers and leaders in the 5-day CDT training program.

Funds raised for this recurring program will be applied toward printing, media, and teaching material development.  Email for more information.
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