Remote Islands: Special Projects

Health and development needs abound in the 1,000 remote islands of the Riau Province, Indonesia.  Our local partners work in a variety of sectors meeting development needs in these places where there are no doctors, roads or safe drinking water.  This special projects Remote Islands Fund will provide small-scale development to these almost-forgotten communities sending a message of love and hope.  Your contribution will be used to directly fund development work by one of our national partners in these remote areas.

Health Clinic for Anambas: $2,500
Sponsor a consultation trip and basic supplies for a new clinic on the remote Anambas Islands.
Cost: $2,500

Rubber Tree Farm for Bird Island: $1,800
A medium size business development project will fund several other community development projects in Bird Island.  The total cost of the land and rubber trees is only $1,800 USD.  The profit margin on this product is significant in the local context.  It will be a reliable and helpful income stream for the workers in this area who are also running a basic dental clinic.
Cost: $1,800


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