Small Business Development

Our small business development fund provides training to prospective small business owners, market research, product development and small grants (up to $250 US dollars). We have launched candle-making, coffee roasting, and greenhouse initiatives with local communities and entrepreneurs.  We are working together with our partners to adapt proven models to the economically poor Riau Islands.

Fund-A-Grant: $250
Fund a small business general grant to an Indonesian entrepreneur.

Riau Roasting House – Expansion Grant:  $2,000
We will expand our roasting facility and inventory to meet growing demand and empower more Indonesians.

Riau Candle Company – Seed Grant:  $1,000
We will launch the Riau Candle Company in the second quarter of 2014 as an income-generating platform for Indonesian workers.

For more information on these business projects, contact


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