Sustainable Agriculture

Our Greenhouse Initiative aims to provide both income and food to needy families in West Indonesia.  We are partnering with an Indonesian non-profit to build and operate the first pilot program in the Riau Province.  Watch this video of our Batam Island Greenhouse Build!  Using local materials and labor, the greenhouse will eventually provide a sustainable food source for a local community that can be replicated in the surrounding 3,000 islands where healthy vegetables are scarce.  Using technology recently developed by our partner (pictured above) in partnership with the University of Jakarta, this greenhouse will provide a way to grow healthy fruit and vegetables in the tough conditions of these equatorial islands.

Seeds: $50
Donate seeds to stock our first greenhouse.

Greenhouse: FUNDED $1,500funny games juegos friv juegosfriv
Sponsor the construction of an entire greenhouse for a West Indonesian community.

Fund A Grant: $400
Provide an Indonesian with a grant to purchase materials for their own personal use greenhouse.


For more information or to contribute to these projects, please email:

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