About Us

We are a small 501(c)3 non-profit that believes a few small seeds can produce a mighty harvest.  We believe that when training and technology is shared in a spirit of brotherly love, radical transformation can happen in resource-poor communities.

Our programs focus on community development strategies in Southeast Asia. We partner with local non-profits and community groups there to identify their training and technology needs.  We then connect these needs with the resources of our partners around the world, collecting resource “seeds” of technology and training and sharing them for a harvest of change.  Together with our partners, we aim to build a bridge for mutual transformation, linking communities rich in technology with those rich in human resources and willpower.  This two-way bridge is built in a spirit of brotherhood, friendship and compassion for mutual edification.

A little technology and training can go a long way in making dreams for change come true.   

We specialize in the following areas of community development:
Sustainable Agriculture, Community Health, Disaster Relief, Basic Medical/Dental Worker Training, Small Business Development, Water, Sanitation, Orphans & Vulnerable Children, Development Training for Community Leaders, Vocational Training, Health Facilities & Mobile Clinics