Riau Roasting House

Indonesian coffee roasting for sustainable development

The Riau Roasting House is a small business project we launched to create sustainable jobs for vulnerable families in Indonesia. We are working directly with Indonesian coffee farmers to help improve their product and expand their market in the USA. We also employ vulnerable Indonesian women as coffee roasters, selling our product locally as well. All proceeds go back into our local community development projects.

Our Arabica beans are sourced from plantations around Indonesia including Toraja, Aceh, Papua, Bali, West Java, Sulawesi, and Mandailing regions. We roast the beans locally in the Riau Islands and make them available to our supporting partners for a suggested donation of $9.50/500 gm before shipping. We also source green beans directly for roasters in North America. Additionally, we can source a limited amount of Kopi Luwak. We are able to source for both individual consumers and larger coffee houses and roasters.

If you are interested in procuring coffee through this project, please contact us by email: info@theseedbasket.org